Exposure to bio-active plasma fields, provided by the Theraphi device, is proving to be a powerful aid for different types of physical and mental ailments *. Patients, all over the world, who have undergone this therapy are reporting many improvements in different diseases. Fatigue, chronic pain, detoxification, autoimmune diseases, trauma, are some of the pathologies for which improvements are reported.  Scientific studies are beginning to be very favorable to this technique.

* You can find more information in the google academy by putting "cold plasma + ailment that you want to search (in English)", to find scientific research articles on different uses of cold plasma in health.
It is an electronic device that produces a powerful plasma light and a biological active field.

The electromagnetic frequencies used are harmonics of the golden ratio that pass through a unique mixture of noble gases charged by a Tesla coil. The resulting powerful super-coherent plasma field restores order to the body's cell regenerative system.

At the end of the video you can see how the plasma field emitted by the bulbs lights up a fluorescent tube!


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