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This technique can only be performed in person.

To perform it remotely, the radionic technique is used (see on another page).


Cost of personalized remedy testing session: €20+

+ €20  (if it is face-to-face and you have to deliver a bottle (F.Bach) or roll-on (Aromatherapy), with the product)

+40€ if the treatment is done remotely, for a week, with the radionics machine.



As Dr. Adoración Ferreres Traver tells us in her course "Egyptian Psycho-AromaTherapy: Sacred Essences for the 7 Physical Powers", Egyptian aromatherapy essences (which we use as another tool in our therapies) have the following properties:



It connects with the first or root chakra, which is at the perineum, the base of the spine. It harmonizes our spine, rectum, legs, bones, feet, knees.

His sacred truth is:"Change becomes part of me".



Connect with the second chakra. 

It harmonizes our sexual organs, large intestine, lower vertebrae, pelvis, hip area, appendix and bladder.

His sacred truth is:"I'm in tune with the present moment." "There is a purpose in every step I take."



Connect with the third chakra. 

It harmonizes our stomach, pancreas, adrenals, small intestine, gallbladder, liver, and mid-spine.

His sacred truth is:"I trust myself, I give thanks for the present and I hope for the best."



It connects with the fourth chakra. 

It harmonizes our heart, circulatory system, rib cage, lungs, thymus, shoulders, arms, hands and dorsal area of the spine.

His sacred truth is: "The whole world is within me.""I am in everyone, everyone is in me".



Connect with the fifth chakra. 

Harmonizes our throat, thyroid, trachea, esophagus, parathyroid, hypothalamus, mouth and cervical vertebrae.

His sacred truth is:"I express my truth without fear to realize my dreams."



Connect with the sixth chakra. 

It harmonizes our brain and neurological system, central nervous system, pituitary and pineal gland, eyes, ears and nose.

His sacred truth is:"I direct my gaze to the distant horizon."



Connect with the seventh chakra. 

Harmonizes our skeletal system, muscular system and skin.

His sacred truth is:"I am one with the whole."



Benefits of Bach Flowers:

Obviously, the use of Bach Flowers can

be beneficial in tackling the disease and

balance mind and body.

In addition, this remedy has other advantages:

  • They do not interfere with any medication.

  • They can be used on children, adults and pets.

  • They do not cause addiction or resistance. If you are concerned about the alcohol content, use apple cider vinegar-based Bach Flowers.

  • They have no harmful side effects.

  • They can be of great help with deep-seated mental and emotional problems.


Classification of Bach Flowers:

It is said that if you have something very complicated on your hands, divide it into parts. And so I want to address the subject of Bach Flowers.

Exist two classifications (both official and included in the studies of Doctor Bach) that determine the use of the 38 Bach Flowers:

  • The 12-7-19: 12 healers, 7 helpers and 19 remedies remaining.

  • The classification of 7 large groups of feelings.

Both classifications encompass the 38 Bach Flowers, which are sufficient to treat all existing personality disorders. In addition, Bach Flowers are also capable of relieving physical ailments, such as menstrual cramps or flu processes.


Bach flowers, their meaning and their positive affirmations:

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