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This technique can be performed in person or remotely online (with the patient connected at the same time).


Regenerative Healing Therapy is a therapy in which we treat the conflict from its beginning, although we do not know what it is, we can identify it thanks to the Benilut radionic figures and their ability to create energy channels that bring us clarity, healing, order and peace.  


Each Benilut figure is a source of healing in itself. They facilitate contact with high resonances of love and order, generating unblocking, releasing retained emotions, opening doors of consciousness, making you take note of your deepest pending issues to flow, visceral issues that you are not able to identify for yourself surface. same, unlock intuition, and are a common thread with various lines of healing. TSR consists of 1) exposing the conflict situation, 2) choosing by priority the objective that we are going to work on, 3) healing it and finally 4) collecting the results.

















Benilut is the name of a set of 5 radionic figures that provide the following channels/vibrations.


bep: Orange in colour. It provides the vibration of illumination, not as it is normally interpreted illuminated, but as the internal illumination that we need to be able to find the springs that make the most important thing flow at all times, to find what the figure as a whole represents: HEALTH, JOY , HAPPINESS.

soul: It is made up of three colours: the outside, in light green; the interior, intense green and the base, yellow. The vibration of green is that of healing and its intensity, the degree of healing it represents, which, in this case, is to heal from the outside (the softest) to the inside (the densest). The yellow color represents the help of the divine part of each one, which is what is needed to achieve what the figure provides: OPEN DOORS OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND UNDERSTANDING.

Samoa: It has a light green color on the outside, the vibration of the healing necessary to be able to reach the internal, violet color. This is the vibration that gives us the transmutation from one state to another. From inside comes a copper wire that holds a yellow ball on the side. This makes the internal vibrate with the external and the control of the sun over both. Helps to vibrate LOVE with softness and sweetness.

sucrano: Three intensities of the same color are the phases of healing for the union with the world around us. This figure represents how from the external we heal, step by step, to the internal. It helps us to be part of the whole, in this duality of our interior and our relationship with the exterior. It gives us communication between the two.

Saibel: the connection with wisdom. It is the widest color combination of all, since several transformations are needed to achieve the goal. Go from the external green of the figure, to the internal violet, with the connection of the divinity of each one, the yellow triangle that unites the exterior part (connection with the guides and the superior Being) to reach the densest and deepest healing of the internal, holds together with the white part that is the vibration of the exchange energy that resonates the cosmos to move on to a deeper healing, that helps our divinity to reach DIVINE LOVE (merit or dharma, accumulated throughout the wheel of incarnations), which is the vibration of the color pink. These are the necessary steps to find WISDOM, not to know much and many things, but wisdom to retrieve from our particular store everything we have, as a result of good attitudes or actions of past lives. This is our remnant and the strength to achieve our goal.

Benilutis the name of the group of figures formed by BEP, SOUUL, SAMOA, SUCRANO and SAIBEL. Each of them is a source of healing.

 All the figures by themselves are a channel with their peculiar characteristics that facilitate contact with high resonances of love and order. With their contact in each of the chakras, sacrum, in the dorsal back 5, 1, kidneys, lumbar, etc., they generate unblocking, cleaning of emotions, feelings, places, release tensions, open doors of consciousness, make flow so that take note of your deepest issues pending resolution, visceral issues surface that you are not able to identify on your own, unlock intuition, while being a common thread with various lines of healing.

In healing therapies they are used as a source of high vibration energies to unblock, repair and order a multitude of soul conflicts.

As a whole, the figures are a source of inspiration and the creation of a multitude of healing channels. Combining them together, they generate other sources of healing, research, progression, while providing us with spaces for projection into the future. Its high vibration makes it possible to project each figure in different sections of life, efficiently generating the desired effect on the energy plane.


We have two bodies, one that is the dense (physical) vehicle and the other that is the intangible energetic (soul), where all our information is identified and to be identified, where all our powers reside.


The Eyuvo is a communication vehicle between both bodies, as well as a generator of well-being. Activate your internal mechanisms, temper the person while elevating them, allowing them to see, from that higher vibration, from that higher plane, the guidelines that allow them to make their powers and gifts conscious.


The colored Eyuvo is a radionic element that releases tension at a general level in our body, making the energy flow between the meridians and chakras. It is made of silver and is painted in different colors. The colors are not random but each one of them means something: Yellow: connection with our divine part. Blue: mental clarity and global level. Pink: connects us with the energy of love. Green: deep healing. Red: masculine-feminine duality and aggressiveness. Violet: transmutation or transformation. Orange: the internal illumination of the person.

What price do the sessions have?

The cost of a session is€80, with a maximum duration of 2 hours,includes an initial Theraphi session, so that the consultant increases their energy level and can better access their information.

Although it is always tested, it is normal to do one session a month

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