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Tesla's first patents have been improved, their results are astonishing the international medical community. What promises to be a revolution in the treatment of many diseases has begun.

In 1856, in the small village of Smijan, Nikola Tesla was born, one of the greatest geniuses of mankind. His works in medicine are more unknown and persecuted, than his inventions to create a free and wireless energy.  Tesla



In 1890 the brilliant inventor patented the first  PLASMA LAMP . It would not take long to discover the medical applications of cold plasma. At the Chicago World's Fair in 1893 he presented the  VIOLET RAY OF LIGHT  .

It did not take long for several companies to start marketing variants of this device. Finally between 1940 and 1950 FDA (Federal Drug Administration) began a witch hunt that ended all these devices for therapeutic use. Its use, officially, is only effective and permitted in aesthetic medicine.

But humanity's battle to use this medical technology continued far beyond the United States. In 1950 the researcher   ANTUANE PRIOR , began to have surprising successes in curing cancer, using this same principle. The French government even financed his experiments. They would soon accuse him of fraud. The test mice with depressed immune systems and cancer, which Prior used for his tests, came back so healthy that he was accused of fraud. The laboratory supplying the mice claimed that the researcher had changed the specimens. After his death his discoveries were dismissed by medical science.

Today the flame of plasma's healing power shines brightly again. Scientific studies on its effects on cells are already very numerous. PLASMA COLD STUDIES

The pioneers led the way, others are perfecting and adapting the technique. Cold plasma baths are beginning to reveal their potential. There are many testimonies that testify to the beneficial effects for your health of the most modern and perfected version of this system: 

THERAPHI  is the trademark of this  modern version  of Tesla's violet ray.


On January 7, 1943 at the age of 86, Tesla died alone in room 3327 of the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel. On January 12, two thousand people attended his state funeral. When he died, the United States Government intervened all the documents in his office, which included his studies and research.


The great Serbian left us a world open to new possibilities. Let's not allow anyone to block our way again this time.

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