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It is convenient to carry out this technique in person or at a somewhat restricted distance.

The session can be directed towards specific objectives requested by the patient (work on what lies behind a symptom, I want more self-esteem, vitality, eliminate my anxiety, make my business more profitable, etc…) or "ask" the patient's body about any topic let it happen to us

We always start with a Theraphi session, (which is included in the total price), to increase the consultant's energy before moving on to work at a deeper level, to facilitate access to their information, since the patient must have at least 60% of available energy.

It does NOT diagnose or treat symptoms of disease. It is dedicated to locating the blockages that are found in the cellular memory and in the tissues, and applies the appropriate corrections to unblock them. This eliminates accumulated stress, allowing the body to self-regulate and heal itself. Thus, the recipient takes responsibility for the healing process and the therapist-kinesiologist is a mere facilitator.

Kinesiology is holistic since it treats the human being as a whole, with its different bodies and levels: 

  1. Physiology and the body.

  2. Biochemistry and nutrition.

  3. Psychological and emotional.

  4. Subtle energetics: chakras and meridians.

It is based on the observation of muscle responses to mechanical, chemical or energetic stimuli. The key would be to say that its basis, (not the technique), is a "muscle test" that reveals the origin of certain anomalies or functional imbalances (physical, chemical, emotional or energetic)._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Through the muscles, strong or weak responses are tested to be able to communicate and get the information directly from the subconscious of the consultant and their cellular memory, thus being able to access an almost unlimited amount of information., both of the consultant and of his family tree.

We can thus define the blockages that are preventing the consultant from achieving a certain objective and also define the tools that are most in line with the information from his body, to resolve said blockages.

Is atechnique completely adapted and personalized to each consultant:it is the client's own body that indicates to the therapist (for example), if the objective proposed by the client can be worked on in the session, at what level: unconscious, subconscious or conscious and how long it is recommended that it pass until the next session .

Kinesiology cannot only be applied to diseases, but alsoIt is a wonderful tool for personal development. you can work on: harmful emotions, limiting belief patterns, goals that cannot be met and you don't know why, etc...

The price of the Kinesiology session is 80

Although it is always tested, it is normal to do one session a month.

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