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This technique can be performed in person or remotely.


We have incorporated this therapy into our catalog of services, 


offers service as a Trained Therapist en 

LNT® therapy Philippe Schwiderski method


In our case,the duration of the sessions, both face-to-face and remote, is one hour and its cost is 5€0 / €40 with bonus 5 sessions and pay 4, (like the rest of the techniques that we have lasting one hour). At a distance it is even more powerful sometimes than in person.


You have more extensive information and many testimonial videos on the website of the creator of the technique: 

Philippe Schwidersky:


Here we will give a brief description of the method and its characteristics:



It is a non-invasive technique, effective in 80% of cases. With a single session its benefits are already noticeable.



The balance of your energetic body with the LNT® technique brings you numerous benefits both physically and emotionally and you can overcome numerous ailments such as: migraines, body aches, contractures, joint pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, infertility, allergies...

In addition, the fact of becoming aware that you are an energetic body unblocks negative personal situations such as: Phobias, addictions, lack of abundance, indecisions, insecurities... The New Therapy DOES NOT SUBSTITUTE MEDICAL TREATMENTS and is in favor of the progress and study of medicine. and science.



In The New Therapy we know that physical illnesses do not start by themselves, but first manifest as alterations in our energetic body caused by physical trauma, emotional trauma, poor diet, inherited patterns, karmic memories, etc... that later appear in changes biochemicals to end up changing the cells and thus reaching the disease of our physical body.

This process can take years. That is why any disease can have its origin in a disorder in the energetic-spiritual body. Unexplained pain, low moods for no reason or even chronic diseases of unknown origin.

That is why the sooner we become aware that we are also an energetic body, the sooner we will balance both parts in order to enjoy good physical and energetic health.


If you want to try this wonderful technique,   do not hesitate to contact us!!

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