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This technique can only be performed in person. 

We are responsible for creating our own behavior patterns, by repeating the same response to a stimulus over and over again, we create neurological circuits that form our personality and the way we respond to different events, becoming over time the cause of many of the evils that afflict us:


  • fears

  • Anxiety

  • complexes

  • phobias

  • emotional deficiencies

  • personality disorders

  • Allergies and auto-immune diseases

  • organic dysfunctions


What is Biomagnetic (Neuro) Balance?

It is a neuroscientific technique that allows the psychological enrichment of a person through Magnetic Induction, by acquiring cognitive and neurological skills obtained from other highly efficient people in different scenarios.

It is non-invasive and induces stimulation of the nervous tissue (cerebral cortex, spinal cord, central motor pathways and peripheral nerves), without pain, allowing controlled inference in the normal activity of the human brain. In this way, neurological activity prevails in areas where the individual unconsciously inhibits it, allowing the user to reprogram one or several errors of perception that are responsible for the misinterpretation of circumstances, creating all the psychological and emotional manifestations of a person.


What price do the sessions have?

The cost of a session is de €80, with amaximum duration of 2 hours,includes an initial Theraphi session, so that the consultant increases their energy level and can better access their information.

Only one session per month can be done, since it requires a 21-day process that the patient must then carry out to reinforce each scenario worked on in the procedure.

The steps to follow in a session are as follows:

1. Unconscious interpretation code and trace: 


It is a logical-mathematical technique that identifies temporary recurrences (logical conflicts), during unconscious exposure to different psychological scenarios, in order to know precisely and quickly which aspects the user needs to work on to improve their psychological skills.


2. Identification of neurological gaps:  


Once the psychological scenarios that generate logical conflicts have been identified, a database is accessed that determines which areas of the brain are most used by highly efficient people in those same scenarios and which, in theory, are being little used by the user. These locations with few neural connections are known as "neurological gaps."

3. Generation of hyperplasticity by magnetic induction: 


In a non-invasive and one hundred percent safe way, a specific frequency is induced directly in the user's neurological gaps, which allows him to experience an increase in his cognitive abilities for a period of 30-40 minutes, for the formation of resilient neurological patterns. , existing in highly efficient people for the specific scenario.

4. Cognitive restructuring or rupture: 

Being in a state of hyperplasticity, which raises the cognitive abilities of the individual, he is able to redirect the way in which he processes information, creating new patterns to solve the different scenarios that were obtained in the diagnostic process.

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