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After several years of use and improvement, THERAPHI is giving results all over the world. Many patients report improvement in their ailments. 

Kali huber

. I was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease. I have my own cleaning business and I am not made of money. The pain in my hands was so bad that I couldn't get dressed some mornings.

My depression and anxiety lead to constant suicidal thoughts. I lost 12 pounds in one week. My vision and memory were extremely cloudy. They gave me antibiotics that only killed my gut. I was losing everything I ever worked hard for. I am a single mother of a type 1 diabetic son and another son, and here I am ...

I can't work and now the treatment has broken me. A friend of mine bought a Theraphi and tries to get people to give it a try. Well, I took the opportunity. Day 1: I noticed such an incredible change. I've only been doing this for a week. I do 30 min sessions. I have 100% pain reduction My eyes can see traffic signs and fine print. My mind is clearer. I think it's clearer and the best of all that I can remember


Robin B.

My immediate response after my third session is that my inactive colon has improved by 100%.
For 5 days I had a normal bowel movement, this has not happened in 25 years (I had problems with my weight being anorexic and bulimic for almost 10 years, from 15 to 25)
I have also recovered from "very little to no neck pain" (a crossfit injury that I have had for 18 months and spent a year as a chirographer and physiologist). Also, the vision in my right eye has recovered to almsot 20/20 - previously my eyesight was blurry and I was considering buying glasses.


Rachel T.
Feeling of deep peace, relaxation and a pleasant feeling of dizziness; I fell asleep for a few
After getting up, I felt surges of energy through my body and a desire to be very quiet and
calm, to lie down and rest.
On the street, I had a slight headache.
At night, I felt relaxed tiredness and slept very soundly.
The next day, I woke up feeling very refreshed. The tension and cramps in my lower legs
They were greatly diminished. His energy had increased and he was in a very good mood.
The stools were yellowish and greasy, apparently due to the elimination of toxins.
The following days I felt very good, calm and in a good mood. Renewed vigor Lots of
dreams about energy and movement
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