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Scale that represents the relative acidity or alkalinity of a solution, in which 7.0 is the neutral value. Acid values ​​are below 7.0 and alkaline values ​​are above 7.0.

Health depends on the internal balance of the body:

The Ph is so strict that it cannot go outside these parameters: it can only move 3 tenths above or below 7.

Anything out of that balance is considered a pathogen. We tolerate distortions of the Ph, as long as they are compensated within the body.

In acidified Ph situations, pathogenic viruses appear that are biological entities without metabolism, that is, they do not eat or multiply:

  • The DNA viruses that are encoded

  • Non-pathogenic RNA viruses, which are associated with a pathogenic bacterium.

In the opposite situation of Alkaline Ph, we find non-pathogenic bacteria that are the ones that produce a mucoprotein in the virus and activate it. A virus without a bacterium does not unleash a pathogen.

The waste products of pathogenic bacteria are those that cause damage to the body.

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