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This new medical alternative developed by Dr. Goiz Durán, is based on the magnetic properties of the components of the human body. Cells have tiny biomagnetic properties, each cell, tissue, organ and system, as well as the assimilated or discarded chemical substances produce their own magnetic energy, that is why the energy fields of the different organs do not remain static but are subject to variations resulting from the state of activity and rest or due to external influences such as the entry into the body of substances in the form of food or drink, or exposure to natural or artificial magnetic sources.

The general principle on which the Biomagnetic Pair is based considers the pH imbalance as the cause of the disease, which is restored through the application of new diagnostic techniques and cutting-edge therapies where magnetic energy is the main or only "medicine" .

Due to the properties of magnets, body responses and their effects, they are used in medicine, acting on the human body in different ways:

• They stimulate the acupuncture points and meridians, which is why they can be used especially to relieve pain, as well as in the case of tears and stretches.

• They positively influence blood cells because they magnetize the iron core of hemoglobin molecules.

• They deconfigure the magnetic fields of pathogenic microorganisms, weakening them or causing their death, so their application is recommended in the case of infectious-contagious diseases.

• The application of Magnet Therapy helps to regulate high blood pressure, controls osteoporosis, reduces neuralgia, controls diabetes, corrects asthma and eliminates joint pain.

• Permanent magnetic field magnets have a positive action on blood circulation, act on disorders of the lymphatic system and stimulate the self-healing capacity of living beings.

• In addition to acting on purely organic aspects, Biomagnetism also stimulates mental activity, the ability to concentrate and has effects on neuronal processes.

Some of the great advantages of biomagnetism are:

• It is a complementary therapy that does not give rise to errors, since if there is no pH imbalance, the application of the magnets does not cause any effect.

• It is non-invasive, since nothing that enters the body such as pills, syrups or devices is used to heal.

• It is not painful, it is ideal for children and people who fear pain.

• It can be used in a wide variety of cases such as anemia, arthritis, infections, respiratory problems, lumbago, sinusitis, asthma, carpal tunnel, menopause, depression, gastritis, diabetes, colon problems, etc.

• It is a therapy that is of rapid application and effect, (in a maximum of 48-72 hours, results are already noticeable).

• It is a much cheaper treatment than others for the same ailment and can be used in all people.

• It is a therapy that does not generate dependency, and once the patient has been cured, it does not depend on maintenance medication, check-ups, etc ...

How does medical biomagnetism help in sports?

In painful sports injuries, the therapeutic action of magnets is much faster than the application of heat, infrared rays, anti-inflammatory pills, infiltrations and other known methods of pain therapy. The application of heat cannot stimulate the repairing capacity of an injured tissue, it needs a supply of oxygenated blood. The recovery of a muscle requires that the necessary blood supply be achieved in the affected region.

Permanent field magnets are part of modern knee braces, lumbar belts and other devices that produce immediate pain relief and quick recovery from the injured area. In Sports Medicine, magnet therapy is used with great success due to the rapidity of the reinsertion of the injured athlete and the security of a recovery free of traumatic sequelae.

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