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Etymologically it comes from Greek roots and means "study of movement", but this meaning is very poor for the large number of utilities that this technique contains, since the necessary information to correct imbalances is revealed through a body test. organic.

It is based on the observation of muscular responses before mechanical, chemical or energetic stimuli. The key would be to say that its base, (not the technique), is a "muscle test" that reveals the origin of certain functional abnormalities or imbalances (physical, chemical, emotional or energetic).

Through the muscles, the acupuncture meridians of the body are tested, from them the organs (which may or may not already be affected by the imbalance) and each organ is associated with an emotion or attitude.

It is a completely adapted and personalized technique for each patient: it is the patient's own body that indicates to the therapist (for example), if the objective proposed by the patient can be worked on in the session, at what level: unconscious, subconscious or conscious and how much time is recommended until the next session.

Kinesiology can not only be applied to diseases, but it is a magnificent tool for personal development, it can be worked on: harmful emotions, limiting belief patterns, objectives that cannot be met and it is not known why, etc ...

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