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Individual session
To control the effects of detoxification in the body, it should begin with a short exposure time and then work up to one hour session (between breaks and exposures).
First session of 10 minutes: € 10
Second session of 30 minutes: € 20
From the second, all single sessions are at  € 40
Voucher 5 sessions
Includes 5 sessions, but you pay only 4:  € 32 each session

What to expect



The manufacturing engineers of the device recommend to control the detoxification effects in the body that it produces, start the sessions with a short exposure time and later go up, up to one hour of session, (between breaks and exposures).

It is possible to do two sessions in one day, with a minimum of one hour between sessions. 

Most people feel very relaxed and calm during a session. It is recommended to think of a single intention to direct the energy. After a certain number of sessions, people notice much more energy, less pain, more mental clarity, they tend to sleep better, and have much better mood and more happiness.

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