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This technique can only be performed a distance, about the consultant or about another person, (provided that we first have permission from this person)

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What is Radionics?


(Information taken from the manufacturer´s page:

It has nothing to do with radio, broadcasting or television sets. Radionics is a technique that uses devices to work with subtle energies. It allows the measurement of energies that cannot be detected by other types of devices. But it also makes it possible to issue corrective information to balance.

Radionics facilitates the interaction between the human mind and everything that surrounds us, be they people, animals or things. It also facilitates the enhancement of visualization and the materialization of what is desired. Many have come to regard radionic devices as a modern version of radionics."Magic Lamp"for your applications.

If you are a person with an open mind and who wants to amplify your possibilities to unsuspected limits, Radionics may be the means you have been waiting for to achieve your goals.


Areas of action:

  • Improve and recover the correct energy balance as a means to recover well-being (without abandoning any medical treatment)

  • Increase your income stream

  • Increase business possibilities

  • Strengthen your personality

  • Increase personal attractiveness

  • Eliminate and protect yourself from negative energies

  • attract prosperity

  • Improve personal skills

  • animal therapies

  • Crop and food improvement

  • Improved physical performance in sports

  • Incorporation of affirmations at the energetic level. Very fast results.

  • Balanced subtle energy to achieve a high sense of well-being

  • Increased physical and mental well-being

  • Improvement of personal and/or couple relationships

  • Works of improvement and spiritual development

  • To improve and enhance the results in alternative therapies

  • Protection in relation to external negative charges of all kinds

  • Increased mental or physical performance

  • Multiple Applications on business and economic objectives

  • Actions and works in relation to groups and their joint development

  • Use on animals and plants

  • Actions in relation to organizations of all kinds.

  • Promotion and materialization of business objectives

  • Decision support

  • Improvement in results of studies, exams and oppositions

  • Empowerment in the achievement of personal, work and economic goals of all kinds. 

  • Dramatically improved visualization results and mental focus

  • Direct use as highly effective vibrational-type therapy

  • Improvement in the efficiency of bioenergetic equipment that you already have

  • Increased efficiency in relation to other radionic equipment

  • And a long etc.



Price:€50 / 1 week; / €40 with bonus 5 sessions and pay 4


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