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This technique can be performed in person or remotely.


Akashic Healing is a technique created by David Topí. It is generally done remotely and later a report is given to the patient with the result of the session and what has been worked on. Focused on healing, cleaning and unblocking all those elements present in our energy structure that cause distortions, limitations, problems and dysfunctions in our lives, both physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally, etc.

It is based on the study of the different components that make up the human being and the application of high-frequency energies from the component that we call the Higher Self, a part of what we are, with the aim of healing ourselves and raising our frequency, increasing our well-being, mood, emotional and mental state as well as learning to heal other people and spaces, places and homes.

Variable duration, maximum 1 hour: 5€0 / 40€ with bonus 5 sessions and pay 4

Reading of couples and house cleaning duration 2 hours: 8€0 / session


It has a wide range of services to perform, among which are:

General Reading: Knowing yourself at the level of your soul
  • The origin group of your soul.

  • Personal and extrasensory talents and abilities. The specialty of your soul.

  • Your occupation in the Astral. Evolutionary level. The progress of your learning, from the point of view of the Higher Self.

  • Your mission in life.

General Reading: Life Lessons and Energy Blockages
  • Three main lessons from your current life.

  • Three energy blockages that are active at the moment and that prevent your progress and development (some of the blockages that can be found are: Chakra / s that are unbalanced or with energy leaks; Karmic Agreements; Pacts; Promises; Traumas; Phobias; Limiting beliefs; Negative entities, etc.).

  • The state of your Hara line, very important to know if you are aligned with the purpose of your life. Recommendation of some stone or quartz that can come in handy energetically.

  • After the reading, we proceed to sanction and energetic cleaning of all negative blockages. The request for healing is made to the Higher Self. What heals are the blockages and problems, the experiences remain intact. You will receive the complete report by e-mail.

Specific Reading:

This type of reading is done by areas of life and specific problems,

for example:


Living Areas:

  • Professional, Business, Career;

  • Relationships - Love;

  • Family and Home;

  • Spirituality, Personal Development;

  • Children, Marriage;

  • Trips;

  • Social - Friends;

  • Physical, Reproductive;

  • Abundance;

  • Psychic Abilities; • Mission in Life;

  • study, etc...


Specific situations:

  • Trouble attracting more customers to my business;

  • Existing blocks to finding a partner;

  • shyness problems;

  • Specific pains that do not go away, etc.


In this type of reading,choose ONE of the topics that are related or the topic that you wantand not on this list. Life lessons and existing blockages will be looked at. Everything that comes out in the reading will be listed to consciously understand what is happening, what is the cause of what causes that specific situation. Then we will proceed to healing and energy cleaning. The request for healing is made to the Higher Self. What heals are the blockages and problems, the experiences remain intact.

Reading homes, businesses and properties

Our home is an energetic entity in itself because it has accumulated the energies of everything that has happened during the thousands of years that in that place, in multiple facets, may exist. I will need, in addition to the details of the person who lives there, the full address of the home.

The reading asks for the following information:

  • Current measurement of negative energy in the house.

  • If there are open energy portals in the house and in the building where the house is.

  • If there are negative entities in the house.

  • If there is any negative thought form program in the dwelling.

  • If there is any energy remnant brought by other people to the house.

  • If it is assigned as a holy place/ graveyard/ place of worship/ battlefield/ etc.

  • If there are objects in the house charged with negative energy.

  • If there is any curse or spell on the house.

  • Possible Geopathies: Underground water currents; Curry lines, Hartmann, etc.

In each of the caseseverything that has come out in the reading will be listed and its healing will proceed. The report of the workers will be sent by whatsapp or telegram.

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